Flexi-Xtra Credit Business Loans

A 2011 study in The Entrepreneur shows over 80% of all small and medium businesses fail within the first two years. The main problem according to the findings is limited cash flow. Our Flexi-Xtra Credit business loans are designed to help make sure your business does not fail due to cash flow reasons. Having established our business in a volatile economic period we appreciate how hard it is to access capital in the formative years of your business operations.

Our commitment is to make it easier for your business to survive despite the tumult in the local and international markets. Our business loan Singapore packages are designed to meet any financial emergencies be it expansion, stock purchases, and advertising among other needs. We have helped hundreds of businesses to stay afloat in the current slow economic situation, and we believe you can leverage our innovative loan products to stay ahead of the pack.

The Loan Process

We have worked in the industry for long and we know most small and medium sized businesses don’t meet bank loan requirements. Our aim is to help you access easier financing to ensure your business keeps growing. We have streamlined our loan processes to make it easier for investors to apply and get cash on the spot upon signing the loan agreement. We process your loan quickly as long you have the required documents with you.

To qualify for our innovative business loan products, fill the online application and provide the following over at our office:

  • NRIC copies of the business directors
  • Tenancy agreement for the business premises
  • Current ACRA printout
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Proof of assets
  • Income tax statements
  • P&L statement
Standard Chartered Loans
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